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Breast reduction attenuates the excessive volume of the breast

The demand for breast size reduction is often motivated by aesthetic and medical reasons. Often, these two elements are evoked by the patients who come to make their intervention of cosmetic surgery of the breasts.

The aesthetic and psychological problem

The big breasts are very apparent and therefore looked at in an ambiguous way. The patient, especially when she is still young, feels a great discomfort and develops a complex.

A big breast is also a problem to get dressed or play sports.

Medical problems

In some cases, breast weight causes pain of 2 types. At the level of the lumbar (vertebrae of the bottom of the column) and of the back.

Social Security support can be requested when the consequences are significant.

The intervention

The surgeon will reduce the size of the breasts by moving up the areola and nipple. It will also remove the overflow of fat, fabric and grease.

The scars

Two types of scars are usually left after the procedure:

  • The inverted scar T made of three incisions. One around the areola, a second vertical always at the level of the areola and finally another under the breast groove.
  • More rarely, the surgeon can limit the incisions to the areola.

Operative follow-up

The nipple will lose sensitivity for a few months. The bruises disappear within a fortnight.

The patient can resume the sport after 1 month.

The result

By the end of the first month following the breast reduction procedure , the patient can be satisfied with the result.

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