Remove belly fat

Finish with the little can

Having a belly is a problem for men and women. In men, the belly often associates surcharges under umbilical and the famous handles of love.

As for women, it is rare that excesses are limited: horse breeches and hips must also be treated. So we speak of abdominal liposuctionbecause it is the entire wall, the left flank to the right flank and the umbilical circumference to the pre-pubic area is concerned.

What is the ideal patient?

  • Tense muscles otherwise it is necessary to diastasis on the right muscles in addition.
  • A firm and elastic skin.

Good male and female candidates for liposuction of the abdomen and abdomen are between 35 and 50 years old. Menopausal women and men in their forties are recurrent importers.

In anticipation of the intervention, it is good to stay physically fit and try to lose weight if possible.

The result

The scarring ransom is negligible since the incision points are located at the level of the pubis or navel. When the skin is firm, it retracts quickly and an optimized result can be seen from the third month after the procedure.

A compression sheath is needed during the first days, it is provided by the clinic.

Performed by a good practitioner, this belly surgery decisively improves its appearance and redraws its lateral contours. However, it should not exempt you from maintaining good eating habits and regularly practice a sport that solicits your muscles.

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