Hair transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant package in Turkey. Up to 5000 grafts at 1950 €. Virtual Clinic Special Offer Istanbul.

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Our hair transplant pack in Turkey covers:

  • Reception at the airport, we ensure all your transfers (airport – hotel- clinic- airport) during your medical stay in Turkey.
  • Total consultation and analysis of hair done by the doctor before and after the procedure.
  • Medical analyzes on the eve of the intervention (blood count, coagulation, hepatitis A, B, C and HIV).
  • the hair transplant procedure with the FUE method.

Applied (extraction of follicular units) performed under local anesthesia, it usually lasts for 2 days with graft implantation of up to 4500 to 5000 grafts

  • hand FUE technique
  • injection of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) which aims to boost the thrust of the hair (technique approved by the FDA)
  • a medical report issued mentioning the number of grafts implanted during the procedure.
  • assistance from a French speaking translator as well as other desired languages throughout your stay.
  • delivery of the drugs used during the treatment (antibiotic, analgesic, aspirate, anti-inflammatory and gastric dressing).
  • a medical cushion and treatment in local application will be given for the maintenance of grafts.
  • a stay of 4 nights in Tassim riva hotel (4 stars) breakfast included.

We favor hotels near the clinic to facilitate the patient’s movements.

  • the payment is made in full at the clinic, the day of the intervention.


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Why go for a hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is the country where hair transplantation is the most practiced in the world. According to estimates, 100,000 Europeans travel to Turkey each year to do hair transplantation because the blow is 4 to 5 times cheaper.

Hair transplantation (FUE)

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Hair transplant in Turkey

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FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a technique involving the extraction of hair islands called “grafts” (follicular units) from the area of the scalp between the two ears in the nape of the neck and then planting them in open channels in the zones. This is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. The meaning of the word ‘FUE’ actually indicates a hair extraction technique. Hair extraction is technically done in two ways.

1) Extraction using a micromotor:

A device called “punch” with a diameter of 0.6 to 0.8 mm is attached to the tip of a micromotor or engine called “FUE engine”. The rotational speed of the motor is set to the optimum value, then the hair follicles are extracted (one by one or in groups containing two or three follicles). In addition, the depth of the punch can be adjusted according to the thickness of the skin of the patient.

2) Extraction with manual punch:

It is a process of extracting the grafts manually, that is, by hand and using a punch attached to the tip of a tool such as a pen. This technique is used by a very limited number of people and has always been controversial. Even the experts, who know the value of extraction with the manual punching technique, are not aware of the importance of the differences between the techniques of the micromotor and the manual punching, while writing and declaring that these two techniques give very similar results.

Here are some facts we can not ignore:
  1. a) The technique of manual perforation is time consuming.

With this technique, it is difficult to extract more than 2,500 grafts per day.

  1. b) In general, two days are allocated to one person.

And it’s a very serious waste of time.

  1. c) It is an inexpensive process that is not easily marketed.


Even those who do not advocate it, even if they know its value, are aware of these facts;

  1. a) The loss of graft does not exceed 1-2% in the extraction processes carried out with a manual punch. The losses with the micromotors are between 10 and 15%.
  2. b) In case of manual extraction, the operation leaves no scar in the extraction zone (donor). No trauma occurs. Two days after the end of the hair transplant, the donor area appears to be an area in which such an extraction process has not been performed.

Regardless of the speed of extraction with a motor, the technique can not be as harmless as manual punching. The micromotor is preferred in the market at a rate of 98% to 99% because it allows fast processes and reduced costs.

In our clinic, the extraction process can be performed with both manual punching and micromotor techniques.

We recommend that patients prefer manual punching if they can afford it.

The second phase of the hair transplant is the opening process of the canal. Two techniques are used for the process of opening channels on the market.

1) Sagittal cleft technique (vertical): This is a channel opening technique used on the market at a rate of 98%.

However, giving both the direction and the angle to the hair can be difficult in some areas.

2) Side Slit Technique (Horizontal): This is a channel opening technique used by a very limited number of people, which allows to give the desired direction and angle to the hair in any area planting. The canal opening technique that we prefer in our clinic is the side slot.

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