The prices for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine include the fees of the surgeon and the anesthesiologist, the implants and the clinic fees.These are “from” rates. Only your personalized and individual quote has contract value.

Restorative surgery awards include clinic fees and surgeon’s fee supplements. These are “from” rates. Only your personalized and individual quote has contract value.


actions Rates Aesthetic Surgery TTC

Aesthetic medicine Rates TTC

Botox Prices (Botulinum toxin) 290-420 TTC
Rates Hyaluronic acid 290-480 TTC
Penetration by injection of hyaluronic acid 1400 ATI (from)

Face Rates TTC

Face Lifting Rates 6000-8900 TTC
Rates Lipostructure face 2400-4800 TTC
Rates blepharoplasty Upper eyelids 1900-2900 TTC
Rates Blepharoplasty Lower Eyelids 1900 -2900 TTC
Rates Upper and lower eyelids 3500-4800 TTC
Rates Primary aesthetic rhinoplasty 4200-5900 TTC
Rates Otoplasty aesthetic (peeled ears) 1700-2900 TTC
Rates Genioplasty (Lipofilling or chin prosthesis) 3400-3900 TTC
Rates Liposuction of the chin 2400-3000 including tax

Tits Price TTC

Breast Prostheses – Breast Augmentation 4200 – 5200 TTC
Rates Breast ptosis (falling breasts) without implant 4200 – 6000 TTC
Rates Breast Lipofilling 4500 – 6900 TTC

Silhouette Rates TTC

Rates Liposuction (liposuction) 3000-7000 TTC
Rates Facelift aesthetic 4700- 5900 TTC
Rates Aesthetic Thigh Lift 4700- 6400 TTC
Rates Aesthetic belly lift 4700-6400 TTC
Rates Lipofilling of glutes 4500 – 6900 TTC

Intimate surgery Rates TTC

Rates Hymenoplasty (hymen surgery) From 900 TTC
Rates Penoplasty (lipofilling of the penis and possibly lengthening) 4300-6900 TTC
Rates Nymphoplasty (small lip reduction) 1700-2700 TTC


actions Rates Restorative Surgery TTC

Tits Price TTC

Rates Breast reduction (Breast hypertrophy greater than 300g per breast) 3600-5900 TTC
Rates Breast augmentation (tuberous breasts, absence of mammary gland, major breast hypotrophy …) 4200-5200 TTC
Rates Gynecomastia charged, after endocrine assessment 3000-5700 TTC
Breast Reconstruction Rates quotation
Rates Dermatological surgery (Surgery of cutaneous lesions, skin cancers, basal cell carcinomas …) quotation

Face Rates TTC

Rates Rhinoseptoplasty after assessment and agreement of the Health Insurance 4200-5900 TTC
Rates Septoplasty (deviation of the nasal septum …) 1500-2000 TTC
Rates Otoplasty (ears peeled in young children …) 1700-2900 TTC

Abdomen Rates TTC

Rates Abdominoplasty after approval of Health Insurance, for abdominal apron covering the pubis 4700-6400 TTC


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