Penoplasty, performed by a cosmetic surgeon, consists of penis enlargement and penile enlargement. A plastic surgeon specialized in penile augmentation invites you to discover: prices, prices and photos of penile surgery or Penoplasty. For Penoplasty, surgery can lead to penile lengthening and enlargement.

  • What is the normal size of the penis? Are many men complexed by the size of the penis?

We can not talk about normal size of the penis, but rather of usual size. In erection, the average penis size is 15 cm , and the peak frequency is between 13 and 18cm. At rest, the size is very variable. The diameter and size of the penis can change a lot between flaccid (at rest) and erection. Many men are embarrassed by the size of their penis (cloakroom syndrome) but few manage to express their embarrassment. Several tens of thousands of research concerning the size and enlargement of the penis would be done every month on the internet. For any intimate surgery, it is important to be able to speak with confidence and in all serenity of this embarrassment with a specialist . Cosmetic surgeon accompanies you in your approach before, during and after the operation. Medical confidentiality and the confidentiality of information are obviously absolute in terms of intimate surgery and penile surgery.

  • How to enlarge the penis by Penoplasty?

What does the operation of the penis bring?

Currently the most reliable penoplasty technique for enlarging the penis is to inject the patient’s own fat (lipofilling). It is a reliable and safe technique . On the other hand, silicone injections directly into the penis (practiced in some South American countries) can lead to serious complications. Lipofilling can be combined with liposuction at the same time , where the fat is removed (eg, belly or pubis), if the patient wishes. The enlargement of the penis is done from the patient’s own fat. Penoplasty also allows the lengthening of the penis.

  • Is penile lengthening surgery possible during Penoplasty?

How much can one lengthen by a penis operation?

The penoplasty of lengthening can be performed by the section of the ligament suspensor of the penis. This penile operation can be performed during the same procedure as a lipofilling. The lengthening achieved by penile surgery can be 2 to 4 cm depending on the patient and healing.

4) Does penis enlargement improve sexual performance? What about the effect of Penoplasty or penile surgery on sexual satisfaction?
The quality and duration of erection vary according to many factors, some of which are psychological and some other physical. One can not reduce the quality of intercourse to a penis diameter. But being complexed by the size of the penis can be a psychological blocking factor inhibiting erection. Penis enlargement surgery helps to improve a man’s self-image, but does not improve erection. One of the criteria to check before after Penoplasty is sexual satisfaction through penis surgery.

5) Is penoplasty painful?
Penoplasty is a painful procedure in general. Adapted analgesics are prescribed. The operation of the penis takes place under general anesthesia and you feel nothing during the

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procedure .

6) How long does the clinic stay for penile surgery?
For an operation of the penis: Ambulatory (entry in the morning, exit in the evening) or 1 night.

7) What scar for lipofilling penis by Penoplasty?
There is no scar for lipofilling of the penis except for micro-incisions to introduce the 1mm cannula. The operation of the penis for pure penile augmentation therefore leaves very little scarring.

8) How long after a lipofilling of the penis can one have sex?
It is recommended to wait a month after lipofilling before having sex, so as not to traumatize the fat transplant.

9) Are several sessions still necessary for Penoplasty?
No. The fat transplant can take completely or partially. In general, there is a part of fat resorption. 3 times out of 4, a single session is however sufficient, for a result for life .

10) What is the price of a Penoplasty?
The price of a penis enlargement is variable . The price of penile surgery depends on the actions to be performed, its extent, the type of anesthesia and its price, the length of stay at the clinic clinic and its price, the time spent, the qualifications of the patient. surgeon and his titles …

Penoplasty is an aesthetic surgery intervention, which can not be supported by social security.

Penoplasty price per country as an indication: Tunisia = 1800 €; Turkey = 3000 €

   Choosing Tunisia or Turkey for your penoplasty is an excellent choice.