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This word covers various forms of optic neuropathy related to a progressive loss of retinal ganglion cells and their axons. The most common is evolutionary open-angle glaucoma. This involvement is very often accompanied by a pathological ocular hypertension. By nature, primary glaucoma is irreversible and evolutionary, so treatment remains a braking protocol whose effectiveness is the object of surveillance. This type of chronic glaucoma is more common and more difficult to treat surgically in melanoderma. The latter also have finer corneas.

virtual clinic

If the cornea is fine the risk is increased as well as if there are family cases. Optic nerve damage precedes visual acuity declines. Many tests can detect this disease earlier and earlier.

Narrow angle or abnormal iris shapes are also detected by specialized examinations. The care includes eye drops, even laser sessions (non-refractive) and surgery but rarely.

Well-controlled glaucoma is not a formal contraindication to refractive surgery.

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