Correct small imperfections of the nose

In what follows, we give you all the technical and practical information to make and succeed your rhinoplasty .

Why do a nose surgery?

The techniques of surgery of the nose are lapped because of the long practice. This surgery can be summarized as modifying the shape of the nose so as to restore a harmony with the rest of the face, or to correct problems of breathing.

When we undergo an aesthetic surgery of the nose, we can wait:

  • A change in the shape of the tip, because it is too long or too wide.
  • Removal of the hump, nasal kyphosis.
  • Correct the area of the nose corresponding to the smile, that is to say the one that separates the nose from the lip of the top.
  • Refine the base of the nose, especially for certain ethnic types.
  • Release the breath by acting on the deviation of the nasal septum.

In the end, the surgeon aims to bring you after 1 year to a more proportional shape of the nose; less complexing with a result that is natural. The closed or open rhinoplasty techniques used by our surgeons in Tunisia make it possible to obtain quite satisfactory results without fear of revealing too visible scars.

Check the indication that justifies your cosmetic surgery of the nose

To properly prepare your intervention, identify in the following the exact indication (s) that lead you to consult and have your nose operated.

The faults present to the youth

In nose repair surgery , it is the apparent cause that predominates. To this end, we must know that nasal structuring is almost definitive at the time of puberty. Therefore, a person concerned by a visible defect (length, width, deviation without functional consequences) will already have in mind to perform this surgery.

If the desire is born in adolescence, it is only a few years later that the person actually goes through the course of intervention, particularly under the regulations. Before the age of 18, the adolescent must obtain the written consent of the parents, and the surgeons themselves prefer to postpone the procedure to 18 years of age or beyond.

The precocity of this desire indicates that the decision to remake his nose is of the order of strong psychological motivation and not at all the fact of a mimicry, especially that of the fashion of little noses in vogue in some female stars cinema and television.

Note also that the nose is part of the general frame of the face and that the causes of a complex in his place can also affect other areas of the face. By doing a profiloplasty, one sometimes realizes that the correction alone or not of the shape of the chin would be enough to harmonize the face;

Size or volume

Most of the modified noses are too long or too big. These indications are concentrated around the nasal pyramid and the tip. The other recurring problem for both men and women is kyphosis, which is the hump.

A bigger nose is possible

Some male patients may consider that their nose is too thin, some other patients have an aesthetic concern at the level of the nasal bridge. In these cases, and thanks to sharp techniques, it is possible to go to a nose redone in larger.

The ethnic cause

The enlarged wings of the nose, a broad and fat tip or on the contrary an almost invisible tip coiled in the skin bug are the usual motivations for a request for a special nasal aesthetic surgery: ethnic rhinoplasty.

The patient wants his nose to be reshaped to look like Europeans’ noses. The demand comes from patients of African descent or the Caribbean.Thus, the surgeons of Med Espoir they operate many young women from the suburbs of Paris, black skin, wishing to refine the size of their nose.

Better breathe

Specialists in maxillofacial surgery often treat deviations from the nasal septum. Some of them have a direct and sometimes heavy impact on the patient’s ability to breathe. This is why the most common indication for functional rhinoplasty is septoplasty, also sometimes called rhinoseptoplasty.


2 situations are possible. The first, if the patient complains of a slight deformity. In this case, the surgeon will act on the area of the nose indicated by the patient. The second case is where the patient is not at all satisfied with the result. It is a real secondary rhinoplasty that will be performed.It is possible to perform this editing in large after the complete healing of the first intervention.

Preoperative consultation

In consultation, the surgeon will check with the patient that there is no evidence of trauma or obstruction (except in cases of deviation). He will carefully examine the bones of the nose, cartilage and skin texture.

Duration of the intervention

The duration of a rhinoplasty procedure is 1h30 to 2h.

The course of the intervention

It takes place under general anesthesia. The cosmetic surgeon according to the case can adopt an approach approach. The incisions are made from the outside of the nose. Or a so-called closed approach, with incisions made from inside the nostrils.

Operative follow-up

The scars are not visible at all. Edema and bruising will be visible for about eight days in the space between the nose and the eyelids.

We advise you to take another 10 days of leave after your medical stay in Tunisia in order to reconnect with your professional activity in all serenity.

The final result of a nose surgery is visible after 1 year.

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Before and after rhinoplasty pictures

The price of a cosmetic nose surgery

Prices in France

The presentation of the question of the prices of rhinoplasty in France always begins with a warning on the variety of the parameters that order the setting up.

These criteria may be the likely difficulty of the intervention or the need to resort to specific techniques such as the use of transplants.

This explains why the price of a nose surgery in France can vary from 5500 to 6500 €. The price increases when it comes to performing a rhinoplasty secondary since the total to be paid can then go up to 7500 €.

The tariff in Tunisia

Of course the principle of price escalation also exists in Tunisian clinics. But the principle of pricing is more flexible and more beneficial to the patient.

By and large, Tunisian surgeons distinguish between recurrent rhinoplasty forms (aesthetic or functional) and atypical rhinoplasties such as surgeries of Europeanisation of the nose.

This implies that the price of a rhinoplasty in Tunisia costs 1950 €. This rate corresponds to the majority of the approaches, it is necessary to count a little more expensive for the ethnic nasal surgery whose price is 2400 €.

The estimate

That does not prevent that before any approach to come to Tunis or Monastir, our patients must address photos of front and profile of their noses.It is the examination of these photographs that will allow one of our surgeons to make a first diagnosis.

And it is on the basis of this diagnosis that the estimate can be formulated in writing to the patient, giving him a clear and transparent document on the amount to be paid in Tunisia.

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