Procedure for medical evacuation abroad

  1.  The patient requests a medical stay abroad either by recommendation of his doctor or on his initiative (his insurer, his employer, a client).

  1. Collection of information on the disease (historical, physical and psychological state of the patient) medical record if necessary other analyzes.
  1. Study of the medical file by medical specialists from the hospital center best able to treat the pathology.
  1. Establishment of a medical estimate (hospitalization expenses, medicines, medical analyzes) and length of stay (accommodation and need outside the patient’s package), the multiple transfers (airport-hotel-hospital) are free during all the patient’s stay , assistance of an escort during working hours for mobile patients; for patients with reduced mobility who require permanent assistance, a nurse is available to them.
  1. Issuance of Virtual Clinic documents for the visa application.

         5-1. for certain destinations, Virtual Clinic is in charge of applying for a visa instead of the patient (resident in Cameroon)

  1. obtaining a visa
  1. preparation of the patient reception device at the airport
  2. reception, personalized assistance during the patient’s medical stay, medical care.médicaux.
  3. return / coaching at the airport
  4. return / coaching at the airport

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