Price of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia

The prices of aesthetic surgery indicated include both your stay and your intervention. You will have nothing else to pay than the amount that will appear on your personalized quote. There are no hidden costs. Ask for a free quote without obligation on your part.


Cosmetic surgery operations

Price from

Duration (*)



Lipofilling of the face€ 1,6004
Cervico-facial lift€ 1,6006
Cervico-facial lift + Blepharo 4 eyelids€ 2,5007
Liposuction of the neck€ 1,4005
Blepharoplasty 2 eyelids sup. or inf.€ 1,3006
Blepharoplasty 4 eyelids€ 1,4006
rhinoplasty€ 1,7005
genioplasty€ 1,7005
otoplasty€ 1,5005
Lipofilling of lips€ 1,3503
Hyaluronic acid$ 3201
Botox$ 3201
Eye laser€ 1,9503


Breast Augmentation (Round Prostheses)€ 2,1005
Breast Augmentation (Anatomic Prostheses)€ 2,2005
Lipofilling of breasts€ 1,5005
Changing breast prostheses (round)€ 2,2005
Changing breast prostheses (anatomical)€ 2,2005
Breast lift (without prostheses)€ 1,6005
Breast lift (with round prostheses)€ 2,2005
Breast lift (with anatomic prostheses)€ 2,3005
Breast reduction€ 1,8005
Gynecomastia (Men chest reduction)€ 1,6004
Pectoral implants (men)€ 1,7005


Arm lift1800 €6
Abdominoplasty + liposuction€ 2,2008
Mini abdominal lift1900 €7
Abdominal liposuction€ 1,8004
Liposuction (Small 1-2 areas)€ 1,3004
Liposuction (Average 3 to 4 zones)€ 1,7005
Liposuction (Large + 4 zones)€ 2,0005
Face lift of the thighs€ 2,0006
Round gluteal implants (buttocks augmentation)€ 2,5005
Anatomical gluteal implants (buttock augmentation)€ 2,7005
Lipofilling of the buttocks€ 1,7005
Endovenous laser (laser varicose veins) for 2 members€ 1,7002

Intimate surgery

Reduction of vaginal lips€ 1,6001
hymenoplasty950 €1
Penoplasty (Penis Enlargement)€ 1,7005

Surgery of obesity

Sleeve gastrectomy4200 €8 days and 7 nights
Gastric Bypass4900 €12 days and 11 nights
Gastric Band3500 €6 days and 5 nights
Gastric plication3000 €6 days and 7 nights

Our all-inclusive cosmetic surgery prices include:     Ask for your personalized quote

A- Your intervention :

  1. Pre-operative consultation in Tunisia,
  2. Fees for surgeon and anesthesiologist,
  3. Clinic fees,
  4. Possible prostheses (CE standard), compression bra and sheath (for liposuction),
  5. Post-operative nursing care provided in the clinic and at the hotel as well as pharmaceutical products,
  6. Postoperative consultation in Tunisia before your departure,
  7. Free return guarantee in case of unsatisfactory result,
  8. Free post-operative follow-up with your surgeon for a year.

B- Your stay:

  1. Assistance since your arrival at Tunis-Carthage airport and up to your Departure Transfer,
  2. Convalescence in hotels 3, 4.5 stars in single room and full board or in furnished apartment luxury
  3. Multiple transfers airport / hotel and hotel / clinic.

Our packages exclude:

– Flights (count up to 250 € on a regular flight from France, Switzerland and Europe),

– Pre-operative medical examinations if you do them in Tunisia,

– Lymphatic Drainage (optional),

– Personal expenses (extras at the hotel or at the clinic such as drinks, telephone, etc …).


In a desire for transparency we display average cosmetic surgery rates on average cases. Nevertheless each patient requires a particular treatment adapted to his legitimate expectations and his case. The price of our package will vary according to the complexity of the surgery which generates additional fees for the fees of the surgeon, the anesthesiologist and clinic fees. It is essential to consult a surgeon. Only him, and according to your case and your wish, will be able to establish a personalized estimate.

Ask for your personalized quote