Gastric plication

Indications of gastric plication

It is an excellent choice for patients who do not meet the requirements for a bypass, gastric band or sleeve. This is a recent and inexpensive surgery.

Mode of action of gastric plication

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Gastric imbrication is a new type of surgery to lose weight. This operation does not require implantation of a foreign body (a ring for example) or elimination of stomach tissues (sleeve or bypass).
The outer wall of the stomach is bent inwards and sutures are placed the first time. Then, the whole is folded again, then sutured a second time to maintain the whole. Folding the stomach inward is called nesting. To hold the assembly by sutures is called a plication.

Since there is no line of stapling as is the case with the sleeve, there is significantly less risk of leakage or postoperative complications (such as internal bleeding, infections).

Result of gastric plication

As for the sleeve, the gastric plication makes it possible to lose 40 kilos in one year. Namely a loss of 70% of the excess weight. If it proves to be insufficient to obtain a greater weight loss, it can then be transformed into a bypass in good safety conditions.

Hospitalization and tariff of gastric plicature

The duration of hospitalization is 4 to 5 nights for optimal monitoring.

For obvious reasons of security, the duration of the stay will be imposed, namely 7 days / 6 nights on the Tunisian territory. Deadline to make sure you can go home safely.

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