Our services in 11 steps

This step-by-step guide to our services and the information you need to process your case is important to you and to doctors alike. It is the key to the success of our relationship and your treatment. It is because we attach great importance to you making an informed and freely agreed decision that we are at your disposal to answer all your questions during all pre and post operative stages. Please read this guide carefully.

  1. Free consultation

Your initial request will allow us to offer you a free consultation and send you a detailed personalized quote on an all-inclusive package:

Your initial request

The nature of the intervention proposed by the surgeon, the duration of your minimal medical stay.

Details of the chosen travel formula.

The overall cost of the service.

Documents required to establish your quote :

1 – Custom quote form

2 – cases of general medicine: – medical file (medical report, medical analyzes etc ..); – cases of cosmetic surgery color photos in digital format (front view, back view, right profile, left profile) areas of your body that you want to treat. To protect your personal data the form will allow you to upload your photos. In case your photos are not ready when you fill out the form or you do not have them in digital format, you can still send them by e-mail.

  • By e-mail to  : devis@virtualcliniccm.org or contact@virtualcliniccm.org
  1. Agreement in principle of the specialist doctor and Preoperative assessmentOnce the specialist doctor in charge of your request will have studied your case, posed his diagnosis and given his agreement in principle to take care of you (operation or other treatments) you will be informed.
  2. Final agreement of the specialist physician

In view of the contents of your medical file or the results of the medical examinations, your doctor may:

to accept to operate,

ask for further medical examinations,

ask you to consult with a specialist in your country,

refuse to operate.

If your decision to operate is positive, you will need to take a minimum of one week of reflection before making your own decision.

And remember that the final decision belongs to you. During this period of reflection, continuous communication whether by e-mail or telephone can facilitate open and honest communication between us which will allow us to answer the questions you ask yourself. You can send your doctor your request.

  1. Confirmation of reservation

Once convinced by your choice and if you want to confirm your medical stay abroad, the benefits vary depending on whether you live in Africa, Europe, America, Oceania.

We recommend that you book your flight well in advance to benefit from attractive flight prices. The more you book late, the more the prices of flights increase.

  1. Reception and transfer

You will be met at the airport by a personal assistant.

  • If your intervention is scheduled for the day after your arrival you will be taken to the clinic.
  • If you have chosen to enjoy your stay before being operated on, you will be taken to your hotel.

Your personal assistant will be available throughout your stay upon arrival at the airport and at each stage.

  1. Admission to the clinic
  • If your intervention is scheduled for the day after your arrival you will be admitted to the clinic the day of your arrival.
  • If you chose to offer a few days of relaxation before your intervention, you will be taken to your hotel at the clinic one day before your surgery.

In both cases your admission will take place one day before the intervention for your pre-operative consultation to allow you to familiarize yourself with your new medical environment. In some cases you will be given pre-medication.

  1. Pre-operative consultation

During the pre-operative consultation you will give the medical team the reports of the medical examinations that were requested in your estimate or you will spend all the necessary explorations.
Your surgeon and your anesthetist will have to answer all your questions satisfactorily and in terms you understand. You will have to agree on the expected results of your treatment, surgery. You will have to discuss possible alternatives and have a good understanding of the risks of the intervention, before agreeing to your intervention.
At the end of this pre-operative consultation you will always be able to refuse to be operated on.

  1. Settlement of your intervention

Once your decision to be operated on, to follow your treatment is taken, you can pay a deposit or the full amount of the quote depending on the destination of your medical stay. Your invoice must be paid before your intervention.

You can pay in cash. Credit cards are not accepted as they increase the amount of your quote by 5%.

  1. Surgical intervention

The intervention will take place the day after your arrival (unless you arrive on Saturday).
In the event that your intervention can not be done, and for some reasons that it is, you will not be able to claim any refund or compensation. This case is very unlikely given our strict procedure for handling requests.

  1. Post-operative care and Convalescence

If you need post-operative care such as dressing changes, then the nurses will do what is necessary at the clinic and at the hotel.

A recovery package has been prepared for your convalescence. Some optional therapeutic meals and massages, such as lymphatic drainage for liposuction, can be chosen to eliminate postoperative pain and speed your recovery.

  1. Postoperative follow-up

Back home, we encourage you to stay in touch with your doctor and see that your recovery is very important to us.

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