Medical stay in Tunisia

Tunisia is the largest destination of care in French, Arab and African countries.

Four assets make Tunisia one of the best destinations for patients:

1-His medicine competing with the best,

2-Its most modern technical platforms (intended to accommodate international patients)

3-Its prices are half price compared to those of countries of equivalent quality (France, South Africa)

4-Its tourist vocation and its openness to the cultures of the world.

Tunisia (11 million inhabitants) annually receives more than 300,000 foreign patients, remarkable figure for such a small country to compare with the destination health Turkey for example (77 million inhabitants) which attracts 200,000 patients per year,

Tunisia receives main patients from neighboring countries (Libya, Algeria), but also from European countries, Arab countries and African countries.

Virtual clinic is a medical tourism agency with a long experience of welcoming foreign patients, thanks to

– his expertise and rich experience in managing foreign patients and multiculturalism,

– the quality of its partner hospital structures,

– to its network of doctors and specialists,

– its accommodation solutions including post-operative residences

– and its transport solutions.

Virtual clinic offers its patients both a global airport-to-airport solution and partial solutions (medical assistance only or accommodation only, etc.)

Virtual clinic is the spokesperson of its patients and its clients and defends their medical, financial and legal interests.

Virtual clinic provides its patients with an optimized path without trial or error, avoids various medical and financial risks and secures the entire client / patient / hospital structure, etc. …

You have the choice between an all-inclusive travel package or a free travel package. You can come alone, or accompanied by other adults and children.


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Our formula includes for a medical stay in Tunisia:

  • Preliminary study of the medical file for the purpose of drawing up an estimate
  • Personalized estimate of the medical stay before arrival in Tunisia, with firm and final price
  • Patient support services
  • Assistance in completing entry and exit formalities in Tunisian territory
  • Assistance as soon as you arrive at Tunis Carthage airport and during your stay both in the hotel and at the clinic
  • Multiple transfers between the airport, the hotel and the clinic. Transfers insured by car.
  • Basic accompanist assistance
  • Patient support for specialists and health structures
  • Obtaining preferential facilities and rates for the patient
  • Production of evacuation progress report.
  • Reservation date of the surgery (surgeon, specialist doctor and clinic)
  • Booking of your flights in regular or charter (according to your choice),
  • Stay in full board at the hotel 3,4, 5 stars or in furnished apartment luxury,
  • Postoperative nursing care,
  • Transfers final postoperative consultation with the surgeon at the clinic.
  • Optional: Baby Sitting and babysitting.
  • With this formula you will be rid of the stress of the organization of the trip, appointments and multiple trips. During your recovery in a hotel by the sea no housework or physical effort to do. Let yourself go …
  • Aesthetic travel in complete freedom
  • With this formula you will enjoy the same benefits as for the all-inclusive trip that you can choose your place of residence (hotel, bed and breakfast, family, etc …) on the sole condition that you stay in Tunisia.

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Medical stay in Tunisia, the ideal solution for a renaissance.