Reshape your silhouette

Your liposuction in Tunisia is the ideal intervention to remove the greasy bumps that are plaguing you at a very reasonable price. Here are details of the areas of your body that you can treat with liposuction as well as details and photos of this ideal intervention to eliminate clumps of fat.

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Our cosmetic surgeons practice lipoaspiration on all areas of the body. It is also possible to perform an intervention on several areas at a time as part of a complete liposuction .

Here are the areas of the silhouette that you can reshape:

  • The chin
  • Arms
  • The belly
  • Hips
  • The love handles
  • The breeches of horse
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Ankles
  • Calves

This is not a way to lose weight!

Liposuction will not be a solution against overweight or against obesity. This procedure does not constitute a weight loss cure or treatment for obese people.

In contrast, studies show that after liposuction, patients pay attention to their diet.

The intervention

The liposuction procedure requires a hospital stay of 2 days.


1 to 2h

Preoperative marking

Areas selected for lipoaspiration are marked and delineated with potassium permanganate solution. This pharmaceutical product used in our clinics has the advantage of not drooling and not leaving marks on the skin.

The patient’s skin is disinfected with Betadine.


In our clinics, and especially in cases where the intervention targets several areas at the same time, we prefer general anesthesia. The anesthesiologist has a variety of concentrations that are proportionate to the lidocaine area. Of course, the doses of anesthesia are related to the weight of the patient carefully noted before the start of the intervention.

The infiltrations performed by the surgeon must help limit bleeding and reduce the density of edema. The vaso-constriction fluid is usually one liter per liter of fat that will be sucked.


The micro incisions made at the level of the epidermis are intended to accommodate the passage of cannulas. We are talking about micro incisions because the cannulas themselves have a very small diameter, between 0.3 cm and 0.5 min.

With this, the passage in the adipose tissue leaves no visible scar clearly indicating the use of liposuction to erase curves.

Size should not go wrong on the effectiveness of cannulas. These are high-performance devices for digging into fat cells (adipocytes) and breaking them.


Tunneling corresponds to the breaking phase of the fat cells. The cannulas create true infiltrating formations inside the adipocytes thanks to the technique of the crossed planes.

The surgeon accompanies the movements of his hand holding the cannulae by checking the depth acquired with his other hand. It thus monitors the equality of action over the entire surface of the adipose panicle currently treated and avoids the famous effects of fold or corrugated iron.


The fat destroyed or released by suction is sent out by a syringe or vacuum vacuum. The order of aspiration goes from the deep layers of the fatty tissue to its superficial layers.

The effectiveness of liposculpture depends a lot on this phase of the procedure. The surgeon must take his time especially in certain areas where suction is more delicate or difficult.

The massage

Once all the desired fat has been aspirated, the surgeon massages the treated anatomic areas to ensure regularity of work and possibly to remove the remaining vasoconstrictor fluid.

Operative suites

  • Pain: Temperate, taking analgesics.
  • Appearance: Edema and bruising, small scars.
  • Care: Containing sheath to wear 1 month to improve the retraction of the skin and accelerate the final result.
  • Leave: Allow 6 to 9 days.

Liposuction price

The price of a liposuction depends on the areas of the silhouette that will be targeted:

  • 1 area: 1560 €
  • Belly = average liposuction = 1900 €
  • 3 zones and more = complete liposuction: 2050 €
  • Liposuction (Large + 4 zones): 2200 €

The alternative of laser liposuction

The technique of Smartlipo or laser liposuction is an alternative for certain indications of fat overload and cellulite. Do not hesitate to contact us to know if you can benefit from it or to know more about it.

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