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A breast lift or breast lift is recommended when breasts lose their hold following events such as maternity, breastfeeding or weight loss.

Breast ptosis is the fall of the breasts and is defined by the fact that the lower pole of the breast is lower than the under breast. This distance measures the degree of ptosis. A breast lift, like any other facelift, can correct sagging skin.

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The intervention
The operative technique of a breast lift is identical to that used for breast reduction (scar under the breast and around the areola) and is intended in principle to tighten the skin on the gland and reconcentrate the breast. If the breast is small, the surgeon will put a breast prosthesis before “pinching the skin” It then becomes easy to pose one at the same time as the skin is carved, so as to restore the breast yesteryear. The intervention is not very painful.

Duration of the intervention
The duration of intervention for a breast lift is 2 to 3 hours.

General anaesthesia.

Duration of hospitalization
The clinic stay for a breast lift is 2 nights.

Description of the intervention 
Drawing on the body with dermographic pen incisions according to precise anatomical measurements. Incision around the areola vertically below, scars in J, L or marine anchor. Resection of the cutaneous surplus and remodeling without resection, with concentration of the mammary gland. Closing of the different planes after suction drainage. Flash of antibiotics and slightly compressive dressing.

Operative suites
Following the facelift, the wires are removed around the 15th day. It is necessary to wear a bra without reinforcement (sport type) day and night for 1 month and a half. The sport can be resumed after 2 months. If a pregnancy is desired, it should not take place until 1 year after the procedure. Breastfeeding is strongly discouraged (risk of altering the result) and is most often very difficult or impossible with current techniques. The sensitivity of the areola and nipple may decrease or disappear, and in these cases it may reappear after 1 year. Be careful when the seat belt is too tight.

Work stoppage since the intervention date: 7 days

Breast lift price in Tunisia

  • Without prosthesis count about 2400 €.
  • With round silicone gel implant placement count around 2500 €

The price quoted includes both your stay and your intervention and you will have nothing else to pay than the amount that will appear on your personalized quote.

Your stay includes a total of 6 nights, 2 nights in a clinic and 4 nights of recovery in a 4-star hotel in single room and full board, as well as multiple transfers airport / hotel and hotel / clinic. It excludes personal expenses (extras at the hotel or at the clinic such as drinks and telephone).

Your intervention includes the surgeon’s and anesthetist’s fees, clinic fees, postoperative care and pharmaceuticals, compression bra.

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