Give your torso a more manly look

Pectoral implants give the chest a more muscular and athletic appearance. Slender men know it well, bodybuilding exercises are not enough!The installation of a pectoral implant is then the most effective solution.

Indications: Pectorals not very apparent

Pectoral implants are suitable for young men with underdeveloped ribs or mature men with loose breasts.

The pectoral muscles, located on the chest, divide into two groups of muscles: the pectoralis major on the lower part and the pectoralis minor on the upper part. For some men, bodybuilding exercises to develop alternately these two muscles fail to develop enough pecs.

The only solution for having a well muscled chest is then to have prostheses.

The course of the intervention

The pectoral implants are placed under general anesthesia with a night of hospitalization and lasts about 1h30.

The pectoral implant consists of a smooth envelope filled with a very cohesive silicone gel. There are different shapes and sizes well suited to the morphology of the male torso.

The surgeon makes a five centimeter vertical incision hidden in the armpit. The scars are invisible. The practitioner then places the prosthesis in a box under the pectoralis major muscle.

He then makes the sutures with resorbable thread and then puts a bandage modeling on the torso.

The consequences of the intervention

The pain is small and well supported by analgesics. It fades gradually during the first week. Edema and bruising as well as discomfort in the elevation of the arms may remain for a few weeks.

The patient wears a boler of contention day and night for one month to keep the chest implants in place. He resumes his daily activities after 1 week, work after 1 to 2 weeks and sport after 2 months.

The results: An increase in pectoral volume

The result is visible immediately after the operation. The torso has a natural and muscular appearance. The pectorals are well drawn and have more projection. The muscular function is not hindered.

Pectoral prostheses may be worn for life or removed at the request of the patient.

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