If you are sensitized by:

  • The color, structure or shape of your teeth
  • Malpositions or dental obstructions
  • Apparent loafing
  • Dental wear and polycaries of your anterior teeth
  • One or more spaces between your teeth

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Dental cosmetics can beautify the smile by sticking ceramic veneers on the teeth, they are thin strips of composite material, on teeth whose surface has been prepared.
Today, veneers are directly affixed to dentin, and no longer to enamel.
This process gives a very successful aesthetic result. The facets are well suited to very colorful teeth and when the bleaching is not suitable (hereditary anomalies, some antibiotics …).
They require moderately pruning the teeth, taking an impression and having the prosthetic laboratory perform these aesthetic covers which will be literally welded to your teeth thanks to special glues
They have major advantages over jackets, metal-ceramic crowns, pivot teeth and other prostheses:

  • limited grinding of teeth
  • preserved teeth
  • natural appearance and excellent aesthetic result related to the absence of metal.

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