The leading Hadassah medical center in Cameroon is based in the Simbock-Yaoundé district, giving you the opportunity to benefit from high-quality cosmetic surgery that meets the international standard. Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Oben Sammy Specialist in surgery plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic, registered in the national order of the doctors of Cameroun in N ° 4880-05


.Dr. Oben in the operating room practicing liposuction  

Our cosmetic surgery performed in Cameroon:

– Abdominoplasty (to have a flat stomach)
– Lipofilling of the gluteus by injection of fat (increase of glutes without prosthesis)

– Lipofilling of breasts (breast augmentation without prosthesis

– Breast lift

– Breast augmentation with prosthesis

– Gynecomastia
– Hymenoplasty
– Lipofilling of the face
– Botox injection
– Liposuction (belly, thighs, arms, buttocks, neck, knees, legs, hips, breeches)
– Varicose veins

-Ablation of scars
-and many other acts of cosmetic surgery.



Description of the areas of the body that can undergo liposuction


Cosmetic surgery in Cameroon is more than a reality.

The face

The fat is preferably lodged in the double chin, cheeks, jowls and neck. With the liposuction of the face, the features are refined and the profile is lightened and the person seems immediately rejuvenated.


The skin of the arms is very fragile and tends to relax with age especially in women. When the surgeon makes a liposuction of the arms, he must avoid removing too much fat so as not to aggravate the slackening of the skin.


Liposuction of the hips removes the love handles. To completely refine the size, the surgeon treats, along with the hips, the belly and the posterior flanks of the back. The hips are easy to treat because the skin feels thick and closes and retracts easily.

The belly

Belly liposuction aspirates only the subcutaneous fat (the one on the surface) and is not suitable for removing the visceral fat that lodges inside around the organs of the abdomen.


Liposuction of the buttocks removes fat from an overly developed or falling buttocks, redraws its bounce or removes the buttock banana located just under the crease of the buttocks.


Liposuction of the legs treats the thighs, knees and ankles at once to restore lightness and elegance to the lower part of the figure.


The liposuction of the thighs allows to remove the saddlebags which has the appearance of a ball of fat clearly visible and to thin the inside of the thighs.


The bump of the inner side of the knee gives the leg a heavy and ungainly appearance. Liposuction of the knees is a very good indication because the skin is very resistant and undistorted.


Liposuction of the calves is a precision procedure. On the calves, the layer of fat is shallow and the surgeon must take care to suck gently. By cons, if the calf is too muscular without excess fat, the operation is useless.

Cosmetic surgery in Cameroon, beauty made in Cameroon