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Increase the volume of your calves

Cosmetic surgery of the calf: lipofilling of the calves, prostheses of calves, liposuction of the calves.

Cosmetic surgery of the calves: An intervention to harmonize and refine the leg.

Liposuction of the calves reduces the excess fat located in the calves and ankles. Sucking the fat gives relief, while highlighting the muscles and refining the ankle.

If one wishes on the contrary to increase the volume of the calves,

There are two cosmetic surgery techniques: lipofilling and calf implant . The first technique, lipofilling, consists initially in removing liposuction from excess fat from predefined areas to reinject it, once filtered, into the calves. The second possible technique is to place implants or prostheses in the calf to improve the curve if it is considered too thin or in the case of reconstructive surgery.

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