Surgical treatment of HALLUX VALGUS

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Your big toe has two joints: one between the bones of the toe ( phalanges ), and one between the first phalanx and a foot bone called metatarsal .

This metatarsophalangeal joint is deformed. The surrounding fibrous envelope ( capsule ) relaxes. Sometimes a lump is formed on the side of the metatarsal bone. It moves, causing a deviation of the big toe to the other toes.

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In extreme cases, the fasteners that connect the bones to each other ( ligaments ) and to the muscles ( tendons ) may relax or stretch excessively. This disease ( Hallux valgus ) causes pain and difficulty walking. If it gets worse, it can create problems with neighboring toes. That’s why your surgeon offers you an operation. Either you sleep completely ( general anesthesia ), or you only sleep your leg ( locoregional anesthesia ). The goal is to straighten the toe and remove the pain. Cutting the bump on the side of the metatarsal bone ( exostectomy ) may be enough. But it is often necessary to tighten the capsule and possibly cut and replace ligaments and tendons relaxed or too tight. It may be necessary to cut bone pieces and move them before fixing them together again ( osteotomy ) to remove the toe deflection. The operation lasts between 45 minutes and one hour and thirty minutes.

It presents overall low risks. This surgery can be done by a small incision or small scar ( minimally invasive surgery).

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