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LASIK 100% laser is a technique that is increasingly used, both to treat high myopia and weaker ones.The lasik operation is extremely sophisticated, fully robotic and computer assisted.

This technique has one of the best success rates for the operation of myopia, improves the safety conditions (a surgical risk of less than 0.3% compared to the operated cases) and gives quick results with a vision improvement in less than 24 hours . With the 100% Laser Lasik technique, which lasts only 15 minutes. Thousands of patients have been operated on in Turkey.

The 100% Laser Lasik operation is performed in two steps:

  1. The cutting of the corneal cover takes place, not with a micro mechanical keratome, but with a femto laser second or intra laser.
  2. the ophthalmologist uses, as in the standard Lasik, the excimer laser to carve the deep layers of the cornea and thus to correct the visual defect


Cataract: the only treatment is surgery, it consists of removing the opacified lens to restore the clarity of the optical axis and replace it with an intraocular implant. The converging lens inside the eye is fragmented and then aspirated by a special ultrasonic device. An intraocular artificial lens is introduced into an eye. Cataract surgery is usually done on an ambulatory basis. Recovery is fast; patients can return to their daily lives in a few days.

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