Breast Augmentation in Tunisia

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Breast augmentation in Tunisia is a cosmetic surgery that can increase the size of the breast, restructure breasts having lost their shape or correct asymmetry. Our surgeons use round or anatomical breast prostheses up to 800cc, textured, in Silimed Brazilian or French Sebbin silicone gel, compliant with European standards.

For who ?

Breast augmentation in Tunisia is a cosmetic surgery operation recommended for all those who do not feel “really woman” because their breasts are too small. In many women, an increase in the volume of their breasts will bring them more confidence and more femininity. The placement of breast implants is indicated whenever an additional volume is considered for a moral and aesthetic benefit. Breast hypotrophy (too small breasts in proportion), breast involvements (loss of volume after weight loss, pregnancy or breastfeeding) are the most common reasons for performing this type of surgery.
The installation of breast prostheses can also partially correct small breast ptosis (sagging breasts) by improving the relationship between content and skin of the breast. The placement of breast implants can also be combined with a mastopexy or breast lift, intervention to “go back” the breast.

The intervention


The principle of the breast augmentation procedure is to insert a silicone gel prosthesis and to ensure that it is covered to the maximum by the natural tissues to “hide” it. In thin patients, the breast implant will often be inserted behind the pectoralis major muscle. For others, the prosthesis will be placed behind the gland. Each case remains special and will be discussed with the artist. The prosthesis can be placed under the breast, that is to say by an incision located in the groove of the breast (zone of junction of the breast on the chest wall) or by a semicircular incision around the nipple. This option is the best aesthetically speaking but can alter the potential for breastfeeding.
In all cases, the scars are progressive and remain generally discrete at a distance from the intervention. Very specific advice is given to minimize the appearance of the scar. The choice of scars depends on each particular case and is explained during the preoperative consultation.


Hospitalization for breast augmentation surgery in Tunisia is normally one night.


The patient is operated under general anesthesia.


Breast augmentation is a notoriously reliable and very safe procedure. However, we may have to manage some complications whose outcome is always favorable.

The hematoma is a resumption of bleeding after surgery and often requires a return to the operating room for evacuation, search and stop bleeding in question. Treatment of the hematoma is done under general anesthesia and lasts 20 minutes on average. This incident is always benign when it is taken care of early, so patients are seen very often during the first few hours after the procedure. There is no impact on the final result.

Capsular contraction is a phenomenon still poorly understood in its mechanisms. This is the formation of an envelope of variable consistency around the prosthesis. This capsule can be very well tolerated but in rare cases can cause deformity of the breast and may require replacement of the prosthesis and extraction of the capsule. The use of textured prostheses and the early mobilization of prostheses made capsular contraction very rare.

Operative suites

Operative follow-up is regularly marked by pain that fades after eight to ten days. After two to three months the tissues are sufficiently relaxed and the postoperative edema associated with healing allows to see the quality of the result which has been stable for a long time.

Changing prostheses

The change of prosthesis is often conceivable after ten to fifteen years of evolution, unless earlier problem. It will therefore be necessary, according to the morphology of the shape of the patient, by a cutaneo-glandular re-winding.
To conclude, this intervention allows changes in the silhouette very significant with a quick result and an important satisfaction.


The length of stay in Tunisia for the placement of breast prostheses has been determined so as to allow the plastic surgeon to do your post-operative follow-up and to take care of your convalescence. It is usually 5 nights / 6 days (unless otherwise medical advice will be mentioned in your personalized quote). You can also benefit from a medical and tourist stay, while being accompanied by another patient, thanks to the concept of the aesthetic trip in duet.


Your postoperative follow-up will be done throughout your stay in Tunisia. During your stay in the clinic, and following the operation of breast augmentation you will be seen several times a day and powerful analgesics will be prescribed in a medical facility. You will be reviewed two days after leaving the clinic and the day of your departure, three days later in general. The follow-up is very simple and is marked by the presence of edema which gives a larger volume than expected and this for 6 to 8 weeks. The healing will be managed by the patient on the instructions of her plastic surgeon. The collaboration of the general practitioner can be very useful to evaluate the local state. The compression bra must be worn night and day for a month.

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