Give volume and a nice roundness to your buttocks

1) What is gluteal lipofilling?

Lipofilling of the buttocks is an operation of cosmetic surgery which consists of the reinjection of the patient’s own fat at the buttocks. It is therefore a natural technique that does not appeal to a foreign body.

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2) What preparation must the fat undergo before being reinjected?

The fat, once taken, must be carefully prepared before being reinjected. When the cosmetic surgeon takes the fat, it is impure. A purification process is performed, with a filtration of the fat. All that remains is pure fat, which will be reinjected using fine cannulae at the buttocks to give a new shape to the buttocks.

3) What is the duration of a lipofilling of the buttocks?

The augmentation procedure of glutes lasts between 1h and 3h.

4) What is the length of stay at the clinic for gluteal lipofilling?

1 night in general, sometimes ambulatory.

5) What kind of anesthesia for a gluteal augmentation?

The augmentation of the buttocks is usually performed under general anesthesia. The patient is asleep and feels nothing during the procedure.

6) Is a gluteal lipofilling painful?

The reinsertion of fat in the buttocks is usually painless. On the other hand, there may be pain in the areas where the fat is taken. Patients often describe them as “big body aches. Appropriate analgesics are then prescribed. The procedure takes place under general anesthesia and you feel nothing during the operation.

7) Is diaper lipofilling sustainable?

The reinjected fat must “take”, ie it must integrate into the body. This is a fat transplant. This process lasts 3 to 6 months to be stable. The acquired result is then sustainable after 6 months.

8) What are the risks of gluteal lipofilling?

Conducted by a qualified surgeon in plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic in a clinic approved for cosmetic surgery, lipofilling of the buttocks is an intervention of current and safe practice. As any surgery complications are rare but possible, they are detailed in the information sheet of the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and will be explained to you during the consultation. Well managed, a complication leaves little or no trace. Postoperative follow-up is therefore essential.

9) Should I put on a panty after a lipofilling of the buttocks?

A panty makes it possible to reduce the phenomena of edema after the intervention of gluteal augmentation.

10) What are the prices of a gluteal lipofilling?

The price of a lipofilling of the buttocks is variable . The price of a lipofilling depends on the actions to be performed, the quantities to be injected, the length of stay at the clinic and its rates, the clinic, the time spent, the qualifications of the surgeon and his titles, the areas where you have to take the fat …


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