Modular gastric ring

The gastric band is a medical device installed at the level of the upper part of the stomach. In obesity surgery , Bariatric, the principle of regulating food consumption relies on the induction of a feeling of satiety. From the first mouthfuls swallowed, the pocket of the ring fills and the patient is no longer hungry.

The restrictive effect of the gastric band

gastric band acts by creating a small pocket at the level of the upper part of the stomach. This pouch can only contain a few foods. The result is that you eat less because you feel full more quickly. The logical follow-up to this gastric band placement procedure is the significant loss of weight. However, to get good results, it is important to monitor your diet and exercise regularly.

The benefits of the adjustable gastric band

The gastric band is adjustable and can be removed. This is what distinguishes it from By-Pass, which is an irreversible device.

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A gastric ring will surround the upper part of the stomach. Your surgeon can inflate and adjust the gastric band by injecting liquid into a tube attached to a box placed just under the skin. This will create a stomach pocket over the adjustable gastric band . When you eat, the pouch fills up quickly and the device slows the passage of food in the lower part of your stomach. Once digested in the new pouch, the food then normally transits through the rest of the digestive system.

In general, and at the end of the first two years of the gastric band placement, the patient loses between one-half and two-thirds of his excess weight, namely 2 to 4 k per month. The gastric band is designed to remain long inside the patient’s body without discomfort or rejection.

More about setting an adjustable gastric band

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Presumptive duration of the intervention

2 hours

Operative suites

  • Pain: Not important.
  • Leave and hospitalization: Allow 2 days in clinic and 2 weeks off work.

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