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virtual clinicAbdominoplasty or abdominoplasty  is a cosmetic surgery of the belly. The procedure is used to treat the relaxation of the belly skin, the distention of the abdominal muscles and any fat overloads above and below the belly button.

Abdominoplasty or abdominoplasty is a relatively heavy belly surgery but paradoxically does not entitle to a systematic way to coverage by the Health Insurance. It is therefore welcome to take advantage of competitive rates for this intervention in Tunisia.

The price of a tummy tuck varies from one country to another. In Tunisia the average price is 2700 €.

Surgical procedures

The cutaneous sequelae of a pregnancy, a slimming or simply the vicissitudes of age do not create the same deformities of the belly. As a result, there are several procedures or surgical techniques driven by surgeons according to these different indications.

Abdominoplasty or abdominoplasty

The most popular abdominal lift technique combines correction of excess skin and fat. This is the condition of an optimized result for patients suffering from both of these problems.

The tensioning of the muscles

The slackening of the skin forming what is called an abdominal apron is caused by the acquired separation of the right muscles. The diastasis (scientific name of this separation) is repaired by the abdominoplasty.

Mini abdominoplasty or abdominoplasty

It is chosen in differential diagnosis when the excess skin and fat affects only the part of the belly below the belly button. The fact that the mini abdominoplasty targets the area between the umbilicus and the pubis does not imply that it involves a restoration of the distance between the large right muscles.

These techniques in detail

Abdominoplasty or frequent abdominoplasty

The most common is the abdominal moniplasty, it induces the need to make two incisions, which will result in two scars very marked and which must be very careful during the face of coaching post operative.


The double incision technique suggests a very damaged belly. This is the reason why in addition to the removal of skin and tensioning of the solidarity group of the right muscles, the surgeon will also perform a suction.

Le mini lifting abdominal

C’est une expression quelque peu commerciale que les chirurgiens préfèrent remplacer par le terme de mini lift. Il s’agit de corriger les déformations de la partie basse de l’abdomen, sous le nombril. Elle diffère en ce sens qu’elle n’implique pas de travail rétention musculaire. Elle est le plus souvent accompagnée d’une lipoaspiration.

Upper high voltage

The principle of this recent technique is to distribute the tensions exerted on the abdominal skin when pulled down, so that these tensions are not exerted exclusively on the scar.

Operative follow-up

In most cases, the patient will have 2 scars. One along the pubic line and the other around the navel. Edema and bruising will last for a few weeks.

The first results are visible from 2 months.


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