Sanitary evacuation abroad – cosmetic surgery in Turkey


VIRTUAL CLINIC, organizes medical stays abroad and offers all-inclusive low-cost cosmetic surgery packages. </ strong> We offer several destinations for your medical care abroad: Tunisia, South Africa, Morocco, England, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Australia, USA, France, Russia, Thailand, India, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Israel, Cameroon, Spain, Belgium etc …, you will be supported in clinics, polyclinics of international references, about 500 hospitals around the world.

 Whether you need a medical stay abroad all pathologies combined.

That your solicitation is brought on an act of cosmetic surgery.

 Virtual Clinic will give you satisfaction.

Our services

Chirurgie des seins

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Chirurgie du visage

virtual clinic

Chirurgie de la silhouette

virtual clinic

Chirurgie de l’obésité

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Prothèse de l’hanche

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Lentilles intra-oculaires

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Implants de cheveux

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Implants dentaires

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The strengths of VIRTUAL CLINIC

Virtual Clinicis made up of an experienced team who will work with you to provide you with personalized assistance for the entire duration of your medical stay in a foreign country, we assure you :

  • The best hospital and tourist infrastructures.
  • The best hotels.
  • Personalized assistance in the mother tongue.
  • The best guarantees.
  • The best value for money.

Program of the medical stay

VIRTUAL CLINIC accompanies people from Cameroon, Nigeria, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Gabon, Chad seeking medical care abroad. We design packages for full support of your plastic surgery interventions.

Medicalized stays include :

  • The consultation with the surgeon
  • External Prosthesis Testing for Breast Augmentation
  • Surgical intervention
  • The residence in aesthetic clinic
  • Presentation of the medical report summarizing the surgery of cosmetic surgery
  • Delivery of an implant carrier card (breast prostheses, buttock implant)
  • Control and exit consultation by the cosmetic surgeon plus tips to follow to facilitate
  • Prescription explained, dosage of taking painkillers
  • Pre-operative care (possible on-site medical examinations) and post-operative care with the nurse moving to your hotel
  • Residence in a hotel
  • Access to an internet connection and telephone to contact your loved ones
  • Full board stay
  • Full board stay for the accompanying person
  • Transfers in a suitable and comfortable vehicle before and after the operation

The duration of the visit varies between 5 and 10 days depending on the care required and the cosmetic surgery procedure to be performed. Throughout this period, a dedicated driver and a hospital assistant are at the exclusive service of our patients.

We offer the best medical care solutions abroad.

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