How many grafts do I need ?

It is absolutely not necessary to restore the original density, present before the beginning of baldness, to obtain a satisfactory result. Indeed, the hair loss becomes noticeable only from a capillary density less than 50% of the initial density. It’s easy to understand so just restore that 50% to get an illusion of fullness.

According to the capillary characteristics and the zones to be treated, the ideal density to be restored to reach this full desired aspect, is approximately of:

  • 35 to 45 follicular plugs per cm2 (80 to 100 hairs per cm2) for the anterior zones (forehead)
  • 25 follicular plugs per cm2 (60 hairs per cm2) for posterior areas (tonsure)

The tables below give an estimate of the number of follicular grafts required depending on the stage of evolution of baldness

For women according to Ludwig’s classification

virtual clinic

For men according to NORWOOD HAMILTON classification.

virtual clinic



Norwood Stadium Number of plugins needed
II 400 to 500
III 1200 to 1500
III Vertex 1950 to 2500
III a 2250 to 2900
IV 2850 to 3700
V 3900 to 5100
VI 5100 to 6700
VII 6000 to 7900


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