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A complete organization for treatment and for a cosmetic surgery stay.

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In order for your medical treatment to be a pleasant experience, VIRTUAL CLINIC guides you through the process by offering you the personalized treatment plan through its deep evaluation of the main health facilities equipped with the highest standards of high quality care, infrastructure technological and health professionals.

Taking into account your individual needs, your plans and your budget, Virtual Clinic also organizes complete packages for a stress-free medical trip to Turkey.

  • Air ambulance for urgent cases
  • Medical Directorate for the Evaluation of Medical Records
  • Preparation of the estimate and making appointments at the hospital / clinic
  • Personalized welcome at the airport
  • Transfers in town + airport + hotel + hospital
  • 24h personal assistance and interpreter services
  • Medical follow-up by the regulatory doctors during treatments
  • Alarm center accessible 24h / 24h and 7 / 7d
  • Complementary services even after your return

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Istanbul is at the center of medical tourism and welcomes thousands of patients from all over the world who wish to benefit from professional services and advanced medical technologies at attractive cost.

The advantages of Turkey for medical travel:

  • Turkey represents the third largest number of JCI accredited hospitals (International Joint Commission)
  • Geographical location
  • Easy access by direct flights from turkish airlines
  • Scientific and medical infrastructure
  • Tourism infrastructure
  • The welcoming culture and hospitality
  • Value for money of care
  • Easy visa
  • The 6th most visited destination in the world

Enjoy your medical trip to visit Istanbul

Depending on the type of treatment chosen and your availability, take advantage of your medical tourism Turkey to visit Istanbul.

For hair implants, dental implants or refractive surgery, the recovery time is minimal (count 1 night), then you can enjoy the rest of your stay.
For cosmetic surgery and bariatric, prefer a visit before your treatment to book the rest of your stay to rest and recover.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey

It is also the main financial, economic and cultural center of the country. The city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985.

With almost 10 million visitors a year, Istanbul is the 7th most visited city in the world. It has been designated Cultural Capital of Europe for 2010.
With two international airports served from France by the majority of regular and low-cost airlines, the city offers a real change of scene at 2:30 from Paris.

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What is striking when arriving on the spot is the weight of the story. The city is indeed located on 2 continents, the majority being on the Asian coast. On the European side you will find an impressive cultural heritage, fruit of the Byzantine and Ottoman civilization.
Whether you are fond of history, gastronomy or local markets, Istanbul lives up to its reputation.

Do not hesitate to seek advice from the Medical Stay team who will direct you to specialized and serious structures.

Here is a small list of things to see and do absolutely:

Saint Sophia Basilica

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Considered the eighth wonder of the world, the building served as a basilica for 916 years and a mosque for 482 years to become a museum commissioned by Atatürk in 1935.

The Church of Saint Sauveur – Chora

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It is one of the most beautiful examples of Byzantine church.
In 1511, it was converted into a mosque by the Ottomans to become a museum in 1948.

The Blue Mosque

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The mosque of Sultan Ahmet is known as the Blue Mosque because of the color of its enamelled faience.

The Bosphorus

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The Bosphorus is one of the most beautiful passages in the world. It separates two continents and you can climb in one of the many boats making the connection between the 2 banks or along the coast by day or night to admire the buildings.

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